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We've created a great space where everyone is welcome. Whether you're looking for that next great read, picking out a DVD for movie night, surfing the web, gaming, crafting or just hanging out, we have great resources to help you out and pride ourselves on small town customer services. 


1257 Village Rd, Astorville ON P0H 1B0

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Our Mission Statement:

​The mission of the EAST FERRIS PUBLIC LIBRARY is to provide individuals with access to resources that they find relevant to their needs.  The EAST FERRIS PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD believes that we must meet the educational, cultural and recreational needs of our community.  The Library will be readily accessible and its doors open for free and equal use by all members of the community.  Cooperating with other libraries (networks, resource sharing) will provide patrons with the best possible service.  Library services will be provided during the hours that best meets the needs of the community and within the financial constraints the library budget allows.