Meet Libby!

A streamlined, user-friendly app for accessing our digital collection


Install the Libby app from your device's app store by clicking one of the buttons to the left. Or visit in your device's web browser.

​You can also download the app to computers running Windows 10 or higher from the Microsoft Store.


In Libby, follow the prompts to find your library and sign in with a valid library card.


Tap Explore in the upper right of the screen to browse your library's collection and borrow a title.


Switch between your library's collection and your borrowed titles by tapping Library or Shelf at the bottom of the screen.

Borrowed titles appear under Loans in the Shelf menu, and download to the app automatically when you're connected to Wi-Fi so you can read them when you're offline. Titles will be returned automatically at the end of your checkout period.

From your Loans, you can:

Tap Open to begin reading a book or listening to an audiobook.
Tap Manage Loan to see options like Renew Early (to make the book available to others if you've finished before the title's automatic return date).

If you need more help with Libby, please visit Libby Help. Happy reading!


For accessing our digital collection on older devices or computers without Windows 10


Visit the digital collection's website in your browser here on your laptop or computer, or download the app onto your Apple or Android device. 


Click on Sign In. Then select East Ferris Library from the drop down list and enter your library card number. 


​Browse through the collection or use the search bar to find a book and borrow a title.


​Laptops and Computers:

Borrowed titles appear under Loans in the My Account menu. You can read or listen to titles in your browser, or download them. Note that Adobe Digital Editions is required to download eBooks to computers. Titles will be returned automatically at the end of your checkout period.

Mobile devices:

Borrowed titles appear under Loans in the My Account menu. Download a title to access it. Once downloaded, tap the menu icon in the very top left of the screen to bring up a list of your downloaded titles and to open them. Titles will be returned automatically at the end of your checkout period.

If you need more help with Overdrive, please visit Overdrive Help. Happy reading!

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​Contactez votre bibliothécaire pour vous inscrivez!

Our library offers access to great digital content for all of your mobile devices!

All you need is a library card, a device, and internet access. 

Want to use a Kobo or a Chromebook, or something else? No problem!

Access to eBooks is possible on many different platforms. Please visit Getting Started with Overdrive. You'll be able to confirm whether or not your device is compatible and find what you need to get started.

Copyright 2020 East Ferris Public Library. All Rights Reserved.

Don't have a mobile device? Libby not compatible with your device? No problem!

If you don't have Windows 10 and want to access our eBooks and Audiobooks from your computer or

laptop's  web browser, or you have a screen reader or an older device that can't run Libby, use Overdrive.

It's the same collection you'll find on Libby - just a different way of accessing it.