We've got 440 sq/ft of space available for rent. 

The space is FREE of charge for non-profit groups/individuals.

For profit groups/individuals

​$25 - half day

​$50 - full day

More than books...

What can we do for you today?

​Single Side - $.10/page     Double Side - $.15/page

single side - $.10/page      double side - $.15/page

colour copies
​single side - $.55/page      double side - $1.00/page

local 1-800, 1-866
​Local                       $.50/page
5-9 pages                $2.50 flat rate
10-12 pages            $3.00 flat rate
13 or more            $3.00 flat rate + $.25 every page after

Long Distance Faxes
Long distance     $1.00/page
5-9 pages                 $5.00 flat rate
10-12 pages            $6.00 flat rate
13 or more            $6.00 flat rate + $.50 every page after 

Scanning                               no charge

8 ½ X 11                    $2.00/page
Business Card      $1.00/page

two drop box locations

Print, Fax and Copy

Inter-library Loans requests

great library space for rent

Inter-Library Loans

Request a Title

Book a Room

Can't find a book in our catalogue,  you can request it through inter-library loan. We'll notify you when it's ready for pick-up. 

We have installed a second book drop at the Municipal office, located at 390 Hwy 94 in Corbeil. 

Patrons can choose to drop off items at the library or Municipal office, 24/7. 

Print, fax copy services

East Ferris Library Book Drop

The library provides numerous additional services.

Bibliothèque publique 

            ​            East Ferris Public Library


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