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February 19th, 2021

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Borrowing Snowshoes quick FAQs

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Accès à plus de 7000 livres numériques et 400 livres audio.



-Biographie, littérature et études littéraires

-Économie, finance, affaires et management

-Enfant, adolescent et enseignement

-Histoire et archéologie

-Mathématiques et sciences

-Médecine et services infirmiers

-Mode de vie, passe-temps et loisirs

-Philosophie et religion

-Santé, relations et dévoloppement personnel

-Sciences de la Terre, géographie, environnement et Urbanisme

-Société et sciences sociales

-Sports et activités de plein air

What do I need?

You will require a library card and a valid credit card.

Can I reserve snoweshoes?
Yes, patrons can reserve up to 4 days in advance. Patrons who do not pickup snowshoes 1/2 hour before close on their pickup day, will lose their reservation.

How long can I borrow snowshoes?

Snowshoes can be borrowed for a period of 5 days.

Can I renew?

Due to a high demand, no, unfortunately you won't be able to renew. Patrons can borrow again after a one week borrowing cycle. 

What size do I need?

Sizing is by weight

Youth 19" - 40-90 lbs

Ladies 21" 80-150 lbs

Ladies 25" 120-200 lbs

Mens 25" 120-180 lbs

​Mens 30" 160-220 lbs