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Request for Reconsideration

The Library Board recognizes the right of an individual or group to express opposition to an item in the collection. The content or manner of expressing ideas in material that is purposely selected to fill the needs of some library users, may, on occasion, be considered to be offensive by other library users. The Library recognizes the right of any individual or group to reject library material for personal use, but does not accord to any individual or group the right to restrict the freedom of others to make use of that same material.

Library users who object to materials located in a library collection are asked to complete a Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form.

Decisions made about challenged materials will be communicated to the originators of the requests following completion of a formal staff review. Should an individual wish to pursue the challenge further, they may appeal to the East Ferris Public Library Board.

Some of the Library's digital content is provided using third-party vendors. The Library subscribes to services in which third-party vendors, not Library staff, determines the specific titles or materials made available through the service. In these circumstances, the Library is unable to reconsider materials that Library users object to, but may inform the third-party vendor of user concerns and/or take these concerns into consideration in determining whether to continue using the vendor.

Meeting of the East Ferris Public Library Board

The next meeting of the East Ferris Public Library Board will be on

April 8th at 3:30pm

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